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Collision Repair Software from CCT comes complete with integrated accounting made specifically for the body shop business.  If you're reading this you are either disgusted with your high priced management system that has some kind of 3rd party accounting system bolted on like Quickbooks, that makes bookkeeping and jobcosting in a body shop a real hassle - OR - you don't have a system yet, and you want to make sure you get the right system upfront, so you don't waste your time and money.  Big $10 million collision shops and small collision shops use the CC3 management system because it is the fastest Collision Repair Software at any price.  How ?

Because, we have an integrated accounting solution with a superior look and feel.  CC3 Collision Repair Software makes jobcosting easy.  You're able to keep track of every penny that is owed to you, paid out by you, or taken in by you.  We are the fastest at this because whenever you post money or cost to the CC3 management system, it's an integrated transaction.  That means that when you post an invoice for parts for costing against an RO, it immediately and automatically get's posted to the accounting system - with a copy of the scanned invoice.  Don't try this with those other systems that don't have integrated accounting - where you still have to copy all the paperwork and put it into a file - like the original caveman body shops did 30 years ago.  CC3 users save time and money by not using copiers !  Every piece of paper is scanned into the RO, and into the accounting system for faster and more accurate shopwide control.User Interface

Just import the estimate from Pathways, Audatex, or Mitchell and CC3 will walk you all the way through jobcosting and bookeeping including check writing, income statement, balance sheet, and tax payroll.  What more could you want for $995 for small shops, and $1800 for large shops ?  Best software, best support (24/7), and best price.  You can spend a lot more, and get a lot less - but you can't spend more and get more than CC3.  Report Samples

We've been doing this for 16 years now, in 40 of the 50 states from Alaska to Florida and New York to California, and we sell more management system software in Texas than anyone else.  Both large shops and small shops all want fast and easy to use software, and they find it right here.  www.softwarehero.com

Call us today. We'll do a demo for you online - it's easy.

Check out a video here of the CC3:

CC3 Video Click Here

Stuart McColl - President  Stuartmccoll.com

Ph: 360-582-0202  info@softwarehero.com



PICcollision repair software


Scan all parts invoices & checks into the RO's jobcosting and directly into the integrated accounting. 

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